Iubesc oamenii, natura, tehnologia in toate domeniile, calatoriile.

Imi place sa citesc, sa ascult muzica, sa conduc masina, sa negociez;  imi plac plimbarile in natura … sunt preocupata permanent de dezvoltarea mea personala si profesionala; imi place sa ii ajut pe oameni, in masura in care pot, pentru ca ma implineste ca si om.

Sunt foarte activa, curioasa, zambitoare, optimista, creativa, sociabila, calda si deschisa – open minded.  Ma bucur cand cand intalnesc si cunosc oameni noi, lucruri si activitati. Ma implic foarte mult in tot ceea ce fac; imi place sa pun suflet 🙂 .

Cand imi propun sa fac un lucru ma inarmez cu multa ambitie, rabdare si pasiune.  Sunt self motivated si performance driven ( locul meu de munca implica asta, lucru care imi place 🙂 ).

Imi place sa lucrez in echipa pentru ca e funny, e mai activ, mai intens, facem mai multe impreuna ( stiti voi: unde-s doi puterea creste…:) ).


Motto-urile mele in viata:

„Iubeste ca si cum ai muri maine, dar ai grija de suflet ca si cum nu ai muri niciodata!”

„Nu uita niciodata de unde ai pornit!”

„Traieste prezentul, invata din trecut ( fara a te lasa urmarit de acesta ) si faureste-ti frumos si responsabil viitorul!”

„Make the most of now! Enjoy your life, it’s yours!”

„Trust yourself!”

„Fii om printre oameni!”

„Fii schimbarea pe care vrei sa o vezi in lume!”

„Lumea e frumoasa, doar … deschide ochii care sa vada!”

„Mintile curioase nu au bariere!”


… restul … va las pe voi sa descoperiti 🙂




I love people, nature, technologies in all domains, travels.

I like reading, listening music, driving cars, negociating and I enjoy nature walks … I accord permenantly interest to my professional & personal development; I like helping people because that fullfills me personally.

I’m a very active, curious, smiley, optimistic, creative, sociable, warm and open minded person. I enjoy meeting and knowing new people, things and activities. I get involved in everything I do. When I want to do something, doesn’t matter what I put a lot of ambition, patience and passion. I’m self motivated and performance driven ( my job ask that and I like doing it 🙂 ).

I enjoy working in teams because is funny, more active, we do a lot of things together ( you know … where there are many inspired minds they can be done better things faster … 🙂 ).


My motto-es in life:

– love like you would die tomorrow, but take care your soul like you would never die

– be human among people ( fii om printre oameni )

– enjoy your life, it’s yours – make the most of now ( traieste fiecare clipa )

– live your present, learn from the past ( without being hunted of it ) and build your future beautiful and responsible

– never forget from where you started

– trust yourself

– be the change you want it in the world ( fii schimbarea pe care vrei sa o vezi in lume )

– the world is beautiful … just open the eyes to see

– curious minds have no boundiers


… the rest … I let you discover 😛

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  1. Chris Said:

    The truth is that this is a dope blog (‘dope’ like great, awesome, super, i don’t talk about cocaine or crack) glad to see that not everybody in this world have lost their mind …

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